Timeline Options

There are several timeline options available as detailed in the table below. These options can be used to show all ticket updates and notifications, related to a person or a business rule. By looking at the ticket events, you can see the complete history of a ticket. These include ticket properties that are added, removed, or changed, as well as any external notifications associated with the ticket update.

Timeline Option Description
Show/Hide History Shows/hides past events that has happened on the ticket
Show/Hide Email Headers Shows/hides header details in the email
Expand All Messages it expands all the previous emails and the recent one
Show Inbound Messages Only displays inbound messages relating to the ticket
Show Outbound Messages Only displays Outbound messages relating to the ticket
Merge into Another Ticket Allows to merge with another ticket in the system
Print TImeline Prints the entire timeline details on to a PDF and emails it to the customer
Compress Emails the timeline details on to a PDF and emails it in a compressed format
Show Ticket Rules Displays all the ticket rules applied on the ticket
Show/Hide Form Field Answers Displays all the form fields assigned to the ticket



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