Table name: call_event_extras

Contains/Role: Holds additional information related to a specific call_event record. As of now, we store transfer_text (for email), an agent2agent call 'flag' and a from_cache 'flag',  but in the future more columns / information might be added. That’s why the more generic name ‘…extras’ is used for the table. 

Column Name Datatype Description


Primary key.
Internal, auto-numbered. A unique id for each record.
call_events_rec_id bigint Refers to the rec_id column in table call_events, that this record belongs to.
transfer_text nvarchar (MAX) The transfer text typed in.
agent2agent int An agent-to-agent call’s initiation event will have a record in this table with agent2agent=1. See information about Agent-to-agent calls on this page
from_cache int If the called agent was “drawn from cache” and not allocated, the conversation event gets a record here with from_cache = 1.
See Several ways to enter and exit a queue


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