Introduction to Puzzel BOT trainer

Puzzel bot trainer delivers different levels of building a chatbot, from simple text answer FAQ-bots to advanced bots containing workflows based on data variables collected from the customer journeys, context variables and custom actions from REST APIs.

Puzzel Smart bot is a multi-purpose chatbot that can be used for a diverse range of customer needs. At Puzzel we aim to deliver a no-code, easy to build, low maintenance chatbot that focus on improving customer service experiences, lowering agent handling time and with a high degree of solution.

Puzzel Smart bot is an extension to Puzzel Digital Engagement and takes advantage of all the tools and features as a human agent has access to.

Example use cases:

  • FAQ-bot that aims to answer repetitive questions by learning the bot to understand human intents. This is done by building a strong NLU-model in the bot trainer tool.
  • First line-bot that aims to collect as much fundamental information as possible before handing over the customer to an agent. This is done by building qualifying workflows where the bot prompts the user with necessary questions.
  • Hybrid FAQ-Firstline bot combines the two first alternatives and is implemented using digital engagements rule engine. Enabling the bot to appear differently depending on the customer journey. Sometimes letting the customer ask questions, and sometimes asking the customer questions to provide information to the contact center.
  • Bots integrated towards REST-apis. Puzzel Smart bot can be integrated towards customers rest API’s. This is done inside of the bot trainer tool and is done to read and write data from third party systems.


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