Navigating BOT trainer

Before building your chatbot you will need to know the basics navigating through the platform.

In the main menu you will find the workflow section. 

This is where the workflows are built-created. The canvas is now split in to 3 parts.

To the left you will see a list of all your current workflows.

To the right of screen you have the toolbox of different tools that can be used when building workflows.  

In this view you can add new workflows to your bot by clicking the plus  button. 

This will prompt a dialogue-box to appear and where you name your new workflow.

Intents are the foundation of the chatbot. An intent could be explained as a category which the bot is going to understand in a free text query. An intent should represent the intention of the end user.

Icon Function
man Train your model : This button will initiate the process where you train your model with your new training data
download Import intents and training data: This lets you import training data from CSV
export Export training data to CSV


Filter – This lets you search for intents. This comes in handy when your model grows. A model can have hundreds of intents and the filter-textbox makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Activate slider – This lets you include or exclude an intent from your next training session. This is set to active as default. By deactivating, the training data in the selected intent will not be trained to the model.

Intent icons Function
plus Add new intent
 edit Edit selected intent
 delete Delete selected intent. Please bear in mind that this cannot be undone.


It is important that you know the basics in navigating in BOT-trainer before your start building or training your chatbot.

Before you start building. Take a few minutes to explore the BOT-trainer. Learn how to navigate and try to get an understanding on where the different buttons and tools are placed.


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