Create API Ticket Channel

Create a new API channel:

To create a new SMS channel,

  1. Go to: Settings > Ticket Channels > API.
  2. Click the New API Channel button on the top right.
  3. Give the API Channel a recognisable name
  4. Select an authentication level. Global (Access to all ticket) or select an Organisation. (Access to tickets associated to a specific organisation)
  5. Select your Token Type (Basic Token OR oAuth Token).
  6. Click Save.
Configure an API Channel for Starting Conversations or Responding via an Outbound Integration
  1. Select one or more of the following checkboxes for the scenarios 'Start Conversation' and/or 'Reply/Forward'.

  2. For each selected scenario, a corresponding tab will be highlighted. Configuration settings should be added for each scenario (Reply / Forward / Start Conversation).
  3. When editing a configuration for each scenario, you need to specify the following:

    Webhook: Choose from the available webhooks. To set up a webhook, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Outbound Integrations -> Webhooks.

    Schema: Select from the available schemas. To set up a schema, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Outbound Integrations -> Schemas.

    Note: To include content written in the message editor by the agent, use the placeholder {{ticket:recent_content}}. For all placeholder options, please refer to the following article: Placeholder Documentation.

    Select Editor Type: Choose between HTML or PLAIN TEXT. This determines the type of message editor available to the agent.

    Add Categories and Form Fields: Select any available 'Category' or 'Form Fields' to be added as fields next to the message editor. Using drag-and-drop functionality, you can position these fields to appear above or below the message editor block.

    Example of configuration editor:

    Example of the agent user interface:

You can refer to the API documentation for further information on how to use the API.  You can view this by clicking Help -> API Documentation


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