Table name: call_variables

Contains/Role: Depending on the service, a call/written request might deliver variable values. Such variables can be picked up values from external look-ups, it can be calculation made “on the fly”, and so on. NOTE! The same variable might occur more than once within the same call_id. If so, the timestamp in column dte_time will be unique.

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Column Name Datatype Description


Primary key.
Internal, auto-numbered. A unique id for each record.
internal_session_id uniqueidentifier The internal_iq_session_id for the request that “owns” the variable.
call_id Numeric(19,0) The call_id for the request that “owns” the variable.


datetime When the variable value was “stored”/dumped.
name nvarchar(MAX) The name of the variable.
value nvarchar(MAX) The value assigned to the variable.


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