Adding a Twitter account follows the same steps as adding a Facebook source.

To start, you need to select "Add Twitter" from the source list:

If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your Twitter account credentials:

Once this is done, you have one final step, in which you authorize the Puzzel Connector to use this account:

To finalize this step, you need to click on the Authorize app button. This adds the source in Admin and provides the next step, which is demonstrated below:

Once you click on Connect, you are taken to the last step in the process, which looks like this:

This represents a set of configuration settings. The fields that need to be configured are:

  1. Service this needs to point to the access point, associated with the service
  2. Message type this shows the types of messages that will be fetched. In the case of Twitter both Public and Private
  3. Queue -this specifies the queue, which will be used to channel messages to the agent application
  4. Description this field allows you to enter a meaningful description for the source.

The last step is creating the source is clicking on the Create button, which will add the source to the list of sources available:


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