Integrating ChatGPT to the Puzzel BOT trainer

For businesses looking to increase self-service using conversational AI and BOTs, an upfront time investment is needed to set up the BOT; From defining intents, to configuring workflows and  training it, the process has a lot of moving parts.  

When you also need to service your customers in different languages and over several brands, the time needed to set up and maintain the BOT solution is multiplied. 

Manually translating the full scope of self-service tool training is time-consuming. Transferring workflows, intents, training data and responses or buttons in a new language is complex.  

To expand an initial BOT-solution to cover multiple markets, languages or brands can be done in several ways but typically, it involves quite a lot of manual labour. Translations of both  the intents as well as entities, are followed by training, to make sure quality and consistency is maintained across the solution.   

If this is not carefully executed it leaves room for inconsistencies in the delivery of self-service support between various geographies, impacting the brand’s interactions with various audiences. 

The Puzzel BOT trainer enables businesses to create a self-service chatbot solution, positioned across digital platforms. ChatGPT can be integrated into the Puzzel BOT trainer, to enable automatic translation of workflows, intents, training data and responses or buttons. Save time and effort in translating training processes, while ensuring consistency across interactions. 

With this integration users can: 

  • Save time in manually identifying and submitting for translation BOT training material 

  • Reduce effort in receiving translations manually and placing them in the appropriate workflows 

  • Increase consistency of support interactions across geographies 

  • Reduce risk of human error in any of the manual processes involved with human translations 

  • Achieve a 96% translation quality, compared to human translations, without outsourcing tasks 

Leverage the power of generative AI to automatically translate entire vertical templates, including workflows, intents, training data, responses and buttons.  

If you would like to learn more about leveraging generative AI with the Puzzel BOT trainer, please contact our support team


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