Workflow actions explained


Workflow Description
con msg Display a simple text response
op Display buttons that connect to other workflows or actions
web nav Navigate to URL
img in chat Display image in chat
icon 1 Checks so that the group of agents is available and if so, transfer the chat to agents
icon 2 Checks if group is available
icon 3 Checks how many customers in a specific queue
icon 4 The bot stops the workflow and waits for context for a set time
icon 5 The bot stops the workflow and waits for the user to input context which will be assigned to a context variable. Should be combined with Conversation Message
context Checks the context variable and plays a saved workflow depending on if context is set or not
context value Sets a context variables value
remove value Removes a value from Context variable
temp Displays a pre created html template to the user. Templates are created in the Digital Engagement Platform. And is used to show inline html in chat
highlight Highlights and scrolls to an element on the webpage you are on for the user to see
saved wf Plays a saved workflow in the dialogue
WF stats Saves statistics on the current workflow
random next Randomly plays one of several selected workflows
on time Executes workflows depending on time settings
on date Executes workflows depending on date settings
case type Sets case type
timer Waits for a defined amount of seconds
chat i/p field Enables or disables the chat input field
min max Minimises or maximises the chat UI
end chat End the chat session
Custom action Custom Actions is an action where developers can customise actions specific to the bot owners. Contact Vergic for more information on how to use Custom Actions
integrations Creates an action where an integration is called. This is based on REST-api calls



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