Spell Checking & Multilingual Spell Checking

Modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge all offer spellchecking functionality as standard.

We recommend using the browser functionality in order to spell check articles written into the Puzzel Case Management text editors.  Any words which are not spelt correctly will be highlighted by the browser as shown bellow.

english spelling error example

Right clicking on the highlighted word, will offer recommended spelling correction as shown below.  Clicking on the suggestion will update the highlighted word.

spelling correction

Multilingual Spell Checking

It is possible to add multiple dictionaries at once to your browser settings.  This means that spell checking in the text editors are checked against all available dictionaries assigned to your browser.  So if you have a multilingual agent answering cases in both English and German for example, both languages will be accommodated for spell checking.  German example below:

German spelling error example

Google Chrome Language Settings

Navigate to the Google Chrome Settings menu and select Languages.

Chrome settings

From here you can Add Languages to your available dictionaries.

Once the appropriate languages have been added, the spell checking will be multilingual.

Firefox Language Settings

The steps are very similar to Google Chrome.  See the examples below where to find the language options in Firefox.

firefox language settings
firefox languages



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