Handling spam

Puzzel Case Management does not actively offer a spam filtering service.  Instead we recommend that you implement your own spam filtering and set your policies upstream of Puzzel (normally on your mail exchange service).  This gives you the control of how lenient/aggressive you want to set your own spam filtering policies.

Puzzel Case Management offers message header conditions so that you can define specific rules to look for flags which have been added to your message headers.  You can then apply the appropriate actions for how you want your messages marked as spam to be handled in Puzzel Case Management.

Below, we will walkthrough an example configuration for handling spam.

Step 1

On your Mail Exchange service, you can add headers to a message when spam is identified.  In the below example, the Mail Exchange service is MailGun, however other services such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace etc offer similar functionality.

On the above example, the message header ‘X-Mailgun-SFlag’ will be added when Spam is identified.

Step 2

A rule should be created in Puzzel Case Management, Settings -> Productivity -> New Ticket Rules -> Email.  A condition should be created similar to the example below.  Ensure the stated message header matches exactly the value which your mail exchange service is adding to the inbound messages.

Then you should configure your rule action for how you would like Puzzel Case Management to handle a message flagged as Spam.  Example below:

In the example above, the rule will set the priority to ‘Junk’, status to ‘Resolved’ and assigning a category of ‘Junk’.  You can customise the actions for how you want the rule to behave.


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