In addition to calls, you can receive written requests, given that your company's solution is set up with this, and that you are logged on with a profile giving you requests from the written requests queues. Written requests include web chat, e-mail and social media requests.

Allocation limitations

In general, you can be allocated with one phone call and up to eight concurrent written requests (chat, e-mail or social) at the same time.

As a main rule, you are not offered any written requests while you are engaged in a phone call, but you can receive a phone call while engaged in written requests. Also, your supervisor/administrator can block you from receiving incoming phone requests as long as you are handling more than a certain number of concurrent written requests (defined in the admin portal). However, this setting will not prevent you from making outbound calls. More details can be found here.

Adjust maximum number of concurrent written requests

For written requests, you can be set up to handle more than one concurrent request. If given access, you can also define how many requests you are comfortable with handling at any time. You cannot exceed the amount of maximum concurrent requests defined by your administrator, and you cannot define the amount as low as zero. This setting is made in the applications Settings tab, under Written Requests.

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