The application has a menu in the top left corner of the application. The menu gives you the option to adjust the applications functionality and appearance. You can among others edit your profile, change your notification settings, and edit the number of concurrent written requests. Click on the icon to see the alternatives.

New Tab

New Tab takes you to the same view as when you click on the "+" button in the main window's upper right corner. From here you can open a new tab dependent on the functionality to which you need access.

Personal Queue

Personal Queue opens the personal Queue tab and shows its contents.


Settings open a Settings Tab where you can make different adjustments or changes in the settings menu. The settings tab has several sub-menus explained below.

Enquiry Registration

Under Enquiry Registration, you can choose if you want all the categories to be collapsed by default. This is practical if you have many categories or topics, forcing you to scroll for relevant topics for each request.

Edit User

Under Edit User, you can change the main settings for your user account, like changing your e-mail address, phone number or password. We recommend that you add your e-mail address or mobile phone number for better and more secure password retrieval if needed. It is not possible to change the username or numeric ID through the application.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can enable/disable the use of keyboard shortcuts in your application. A list of all keyboard shortcuts is provided in read-only mode for your reference.


Under Softphone option, you can choose to log on with your phone number or Softphone. If enabled, you can make calls using the call functionality within the Puzzel application itself. Furthermore, you can define which devices to ring on [for example; headset] when receiving softphone calls and also specify an additional device [for example computer speaker] to receive calls on. In addition, you can set to automatically answer upon receiving the calls.

Written Requests

Under Written Requests, you can choose if pressing enter on your keyboard, while in a written request conversation (web chat or social media), sends the message or executes a carriage return.


Under Notifications, you can configure your settings for sound and toaster popups for calls and webchat requests.

Sign Out

If you click on Sign Out, you will be signed out of the application and returned to the logon screen for the application.

Signing out of- or closing the application does not log you off the queues and you will still receive requests to your telephone if your status was Ready when you closed the application. If you do not want to receive requests on your phone after signing out of the application or closing it, be sure to log off the queues first.


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