For signing in to the Agent Application hosted on the Nordic platform are navigate to and for solutions that are hosted on the UK platform sign in via instead.

The Agent Application can also be integrated with Microsoft Azure AD which enables a Single Sign On (SSO) option. Agents that have their Microsoft Azure AD external ID entered are able to login using SSO instead by navigating to

Once the Agent Application page have loaded enter your logon credentials and submit to login.

If your solution is set up with two-factor authentication, you are asked to enter an additional code sent to your phone or e-mail address.

Contact your administrator if you do not have these credentials. If it is the first time you log on, you may not yet have received a password. If so, just click on the Forgot password | Need new password? link below the input fields and follow the procedure. This function is only possible if your user account is registered with your e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Once signed in, the Agent Application is ready for use.

Signing out of the application

To sign out of the application, click on the menu icon in the top left corner, and chose Sign out.

Signing out or closing the Agent Application does not log you off the queues and you will still receive requests your status was Ready when doing this. If you do not want to receive requests after signing out or closing the application, be sure to log off the queues first.


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