Adding a Facebook Public Source

This is very similar to adding a Private Facebook Source.

  1. In the prompt below, choose “Add Facebook”:
  2. Choose “Facebook” as a Source type:
  3. Choosing either “Facebook” or “Messenger” will bring you to the next step, which is Authorizing against a specific Facebook Account, from which one can associate a page, from which to fetch either public or private messages. This looks like the image below: The next step is to click on the “Authorise” button, which will present one of two options:
    1. If you are not logged in, you will be notified that you need to log in first, as demonstrated in the screenshot below: Clicking, in turn on the “Log In” button, will require that you enter your credentials:
    2. If you are logged into a specific account, you would simply be required to click on the “Get Pages” button. Once you have authenticated, in case the Puzzel Connector (the API that fetches the messages) has not been authorized, you will be presented with the following confirmation: Once the above is cleared, you can click on the “Get Pages” button, as demonstrated below:
  4. Once you have authenticated, you will get access to all public pages, belonging to this account:
  5. Connect to the relevant page, by simply clicking “Connect”
  6. Configure the Source further, by choosing the Message type and entering a meaningful description:


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