The Forecast Calandar

When the Forecast module is selected you will be presented with 2 possible screens depending on if a forecast has already been created for the current week and if you have already used the forecasting module. The system will remember your last campaign selection. The Campaign can be changed by clicking within the field, the date can also be changed by clicking within the date field. Colours can be seen within the calendar that show the status of the weeks on view.

Weeks are colour coded as below –

Red – No forecast exists

Orange – A forecast exists, no schedule has been created

Yellow – A forecast exists, a schedule has been created.

Green – A forecast exists, a schedule has been created and published.

Clicking on any weeks where a forecast has been created will result in the active forecast being loaded on screen.

Clicking on weeks where a forecast does not exist will result in the 'Create Forecast' button being shown to start the wizard process.


26/06/2020 - 15:21

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