Text to Speech for IVR Audio

Puzzel’s neural Text to Speech [TTS] capability converts written text into spoken words on the fly using the speech synthesis technology that can be used instead of a pre-recorded message in an IVR. It is a powerful way to add a human touch to your communication approach which is so natural and indistinguishable from the recordings of real people. Not only does TTS help communicate to customers in a personalised way, but it also makes the conversation more human and interactive. These speech or audio files can be generated in Admin portal and used in the Call flow for providing a personalised support to customers. This human-like natural conversations encourages self-service customer experience and greater satisfaction in every call.

Puzzel’sTTS for IVR Audio capability has been extended to support multiple languages and is likely to expand more. Messages can simply be typed to generate speech from a list of  language(s), voice and style you need, eliminating the need for one or more humans to speak and record the content with the accent of a native speaker.

Benefits of Puzzel’s TTS:  

  • Lower operational cost as less human intervention is required   
  • Flexibility to make changes instantly   
  • Reduced errors   
  • Better consistency   
  • More humane   
  • Wider language support


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