To create a more advanced intent we add nouns to our training data. These nouns are our entities.

Entities are created in 2 steps:

  1. Add the entity to the training sentence.
  2. Double click the entity and click create entity

  will open upp the create entity window.

All entites that already exist is found in “Predefined Entity Variable”
If you want to create a new entity, you select “Manual Input Entity Variable” and enter the definition of the entity.
The selected Entity text is the value of the entity.

If you want to separate for example products, the value and the definition could preferable be the same.


If you want to define a list of for example city name. You can add multiple entity value to the same entity.

[New York](city)

You use specific entity names when you require specific info on the product. You use the same variable for several different cities when you want to for example ask for the weather and call an API.

Test the result

First, train your model () and wait for training to finish.

Go to Test Intents in the main menu and try out your intent by also writing your entities.


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