1. In the Settings menu, choose the Queues & Skills tab.
  2. Choose Forecast Queues in the left menu.
  3. Click the '+' icon at the bottom right of screen.
  4. Name the Queue
  5. Enter the Patience in seconds. Patience is the amount of time a customer is willing to wait before hanging up. Leave at 0 for Deferred queues such as Email.
  6. Enter the Service Level OR ASA.
  7. Choose the Media Type
  8. Choose the Skill that is associated with the Queue. The skill will need to have been created before the queue.
  9. Enter any Aliases for the Queue.

Alias - Has many functions. Essentially this is for integration purposes when getting data direct from your ACD.  Any Aliases entered will merge together data from different queues within the ACD.


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