Once you have signed in, you will see the Home Page, which is divided into 3 sections: Support Message, Traffic Information/KPIs, and Useful Information.

At the top right of the window your username, customer name and customer number are displayed.

On top of the Home Page in the yellow box, you can see Support News (only visible if a message is published). If you (or other users) do not want to see Puzzel Support messages, you can configure this under Users Products - Homepage.

If you click Read More the yellow message box window will expand. To make the message small again, just reload the page again by clicking the Home Page tab. Please note if you click the X you will not see this particular Support message again. However, once Puzzel publishes a new Support message, the yellow message box will appear again.

In the chart, you can see the number of requests offered per queue and answered, per quarter of an hour so far today, for selected display queue(s). On the right side of the chart, you can see values for 4-9 key parameters for the same display queue(s). You can configure what key parameters are shown under Users Products Homepage.

Available parameters to choose from are Answer % so far, Answer % within SLA so far, Avg. Speaktime so far, Avg. Wait Time Answered so far, In Pause now, In Queue now, Logged on now, Max Wait Time Now, Silent calls so far, Survey score, Total Answered so far and Total Offered so far.

By clicking the drop-down menu for Queue(s) you configure if the graph and the key parameters represent just one display queue or multiple queues.

An incoming request is counted as being offered to queue as soon as it arrives in queue, and as answered only when an agent has answered the call / accepted the written request. This means that there may be time periods where the number of answered requests is greater than the number of offered requests.

On the bottom part of the Home Page, Puzzel publishes useful information and product news.


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