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Puzzel Administration Portal has various tabs each containing sub-menus that give you access to different functionality. Not all customers have access to all functionality. For example, this is what it looks like when tab Users is selected:

Not all customers/users have access to all functionality, so you may see tabs or sub-menus that are disabled. If you are interested in functionality that you do not have access to, please contact Puzzel Support.

Tab Short description
Home Page Information published by Puzzel, traffic so far today, and KPI-values
Real-Time Overview of live status on queues and agents, Ticker (traffic so far today per queue and agent) and Wallboard
Users Manage user groups and users, defines profiles, create Pause reasons and Enquiry registration categories, create Resource filters and configure Products
Services Manage opening hours, sound files, lists, service variables, KPI alarms, queue parameters, Dialler campaigns, Call Flows, Social media channels, Chat and Agent Assist, and do Silent monitoring.
Statistics See standard statistics reports, customise reports, and configure what reports to be sent to which recipients at what time intervals
Catalog See catalog content and configure fields, departments, and mappings
Archive Search for and analyse calls, recordings, and chat logs
Widget For configuring tabs and widgets in the Agent Application
SMS For configuring SMS services like Survey

Online help is available behind the question marks on all pages.

Many pages have a filter field in the upper right corner, below the menus. If you write something in the filter field, only rows that contain the written text will be shown. If you uncheck a column when filtering, only rows with the written text in a checked column will be shown.

Example: Show rows (users) that contain tho in any field except e-mail address:

Please note that a search for e.g. pa ko returns rows containing pa or ko, while a search for "pa ko"returns rows containing the whole string within the quotation marks.

On many pages you can sort the content in tables by clicking on a column heading.


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