Under main menu item Statistics there are 2 sub menus/pages:

  • Reports, where you find the new historical statistics Reports page
  • Report subscriptions, where you can configure what reports to be sent by email to whom at what times


The menu item for old Reports page was removed on January 23rd 2024, but the old page can be found here for a little while (if you're signed in): https://admin.puzzel.com/admin/StatisticReports


The most important new features on the new Reports page:

  • New Chart options (as on the Dashboard page)
  • Click on column headers to sort table content
  • Easy to add a custom report (table or chart) to a Dashboard widget (e.g. yesterday’s traffic)
  • Rearrange column order
  • Improved xlsx download and new csv option


In the Statistics section under Feature guide, you will find information about different reporting levels, how callback is counted and more.  


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