For customers with Puzzel SMS Survey we have a separate (old) admin page ( where the question/reply/thank-you messages are defined, the deny list is maintained, and where the results are shown. The same functionality is available in the Puzzel Administration Portal on theSMS - SMS Survey page.

Click on a Survey (you might have several) to open the details page.

On this page, the SMS Survey can be enabled/disabled, and you can define a quarantine time (minimum days between each time we send an SMS Survey to a mobile number, in case the caller calls the Puzzel customer several times during a week.)

SMS Survey vs SMS Web Survey

  • A standard SMS Survey sends an SMS to the end-customer (after call ends), and the end-customer answers by sending an SMS with a score. Sometimes a follow-up question is sent by SMS, and the end-customer may answer this SMS (a comment).
  • In an SMS Web Survey, Puzzel sends an SMS to the end-customer (after call ends), and this SMS contains a link to a mobile web page. The end-customer clicks on the link to go to the web page, and here the end-customer selects a score and optionally writes a comment. After having answered, a new message is shown on the web page.     


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