The widget page provides an overview of, and configuration options for, Tabs and Widgets to be used in the new Agent Application (https://agent.puzzel.com).

The widget API documentation can be found here:


On page Widgets - Widget configuration you can see the widgets used in your Puzzel solution, and some of the Widgets have parameters that can be adjusted here.

On page Widget - Tab configuration it is defined what tabs that should be available in agent.puzzel.com for the different user groups.

To make it easier to have a fixed layout of agent.puzzel.com, the properties per tab can be adjusted.

  • Tab is always open:
    Function tabs (e.g. Queue overview) can be defined to be always open (agents can't close them). This property is by default set to "off".
  • Default opened in left tab-set:
    Both function tabs and request tabs (Call/chat/social/email) can be set to be opened in the left tab-set as default. Function tabs will have this property set to "on" as default.


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