In the Users section you can manage the users, user groups and their profiles and settings/access rights.

Under the Users menu you will find these sub-menus/pages, each having a separate article:

  • User groups (where user group profiles are defined and maintained) 
  • Users
  • Profile template
  • Pause reasons
  • Enquiry registration
  • Resource filters (where resource filters are defined)
  • Products (lots of different settings in different areas, aka "properties")
  • Access control (where Resource filters are assigned to user groups/users and where the main admin(s) can see the Administration part)
  • Log (Change log and Access log)


Each user belongs to one user group. Puzzel users/user groups can be divided into these main types:

  • Administrators (and supervisors) using the Administration portal (Person)
  • Agents using the Agent application (Person)
  • Wallboard users (with access to Wallboard only)
  • Bots (automated agents running scripts) and API users

A typical Puzzel customer has one or some user groups for administrators, several user groups for agents and one user group for Wallboard (and a user group for Bots and API users).

All user groups inherit the Puzzel customer's settings (properties and access rights), and all the users in a user group inherit these settings from their user group. However, different user groups can be given different settings, and you can configure different settings for different users in the same user group.

It is very important that regular agents are not placed in a user group for administrators.


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