Action buttons for call handling (Call Controls)

When you are in a call there are a couple of action buttons you can use for different features.

hang upHANG UP: Disconnects the ongoing call
on holdON HOLD: Puts the caller on hold. The caller cannot hear you when activated.
recordingRECORDING: Activates recording manually. Can be activated automatically on calls if set up by admin.
censorCENSOR: Enables you to scramble an ongoing recording so that sensitive information is not perceived. Only active during a recording.
forwardFORWARD: Enables you to transfer a call with or without consultation.
dtmf iconKEYPAD: Enables you to enter DTMF tones when in a Softphone conversation.
messageMESSAGE: Enables you to send outbound SMSs and/or e-mails to recipients. Note that sending messages requires a setup (separate setup for SMS and e-mail). Without this setup, you can only send e-mails through the e-mail address links in contact search results.


Optional buttons, to be turned on by an Admin from Puzzel Admin -> Users -> Products -> Agent Application

MUTE: Appears only during an active conversation. Mutes the agent only, without notifying the caller.

SILENCE: Appears only while an incoming conversation is being presented to the agent. Silences an incoming conversation's ringer. Does not affect subsequent conversations.


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