Scheduled tasks tab provides a comprehensive scheduling functionality for assigning tasks to yourself, to other agents or to a queue.

In the Scheduled tasks tab, you can:

  • add a scheduled task into your Puzzel calendar (max 120 days in the future)
  • add a scheduled task in another named agent's Puzzel calendar
  • add a scheduled task to any agent on a selected task queue

You can always add a scheduled task into your calendar and later edit/delete it, if needed. Scheduled tasks can also be looked up using the search functionality. The new Scheduled task calendar tab looks like this:

1) Scheduled calls and rescheduled Dialler calls are not shown in the Scheduled tasks tab.
2) It is recommended to have separate queues for Scheduled tasks to separate it from the ordinary tasks and ordinary emails

A scheduled task is shown in the Scheduled column of the Queue overview tab for the relevant queue until the task's scheduled time. At the scheduled time, the task is sent as a request to you if you are logged on (with media type email in your profile) and have the "capacity" to receive a task. The task is now removed from your Scheduled task calendar and shown in your personal queue until you accept the offered task request.

The task will be reserved for you for a pre-defined time of 60 minutes (default value, can be changed). If you are not available or haven't accepted the task within the reserved time, another agent on the same queue will be offered the task.

If you choose to accept the request, you will be presented with the task details and can start working on it. If the task included making an outbound call, you can make calls when you have read the details about the task. Once the task (and the call) is done, close the task request tab in the agent application.

If you now wish to do a task scheduled for a future time, you can reschedule it to one minute from now and then accept it when it is offered to you.

If the supervisor or you click on the release request icon for a task in the Queue details view before the reserved time has ended, the request might be sent to another agent immediately.


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