The Scheduled Calls tab gives you an overview over calls that are scheduled in the future. It is not a default available tab but must be activated from the Admin Portal by your administrator or by Puzzel. Scheduled calls can manually be set up in this view, or it can be initiated as a re-scheduling of a current dialler call (set up in the dialler call's enquiry registration). In the table showing scheduled calls, you can see which entries that are added as a re-scheduled dialler call through an icon in the leftmost column.

In the table, you can click on the rightmost "details" button to see more information about the entry, or you can delete the scheduled call.

Adding a scheduled call

For adding a scheduled call, click on the "Add Scheduled Call" button and fill in the fields before clicking on the "Schedule" button.

  • The default is that this scheduled call is reserved for you ("Myself"), but you can select "Any agent" (on the selected queue).
  • In the Queue list box you must select a phone queue (not the 'callout' queue and not Dialler queues) to link the call to, since the call might be to "Any agent", and if you selected "Myself" we need to select an agent on a queue if you're not available when the call should be done or within the time it's reserved to you.  


What happens at the rescheduled time

If you schedule a call or reschedule a dialler call to be executed at e.g. Wednesday at 1500, it is shown in your Scheduled Calls tab from the time you ordered it until Wednesday at 1500. At the (re-)scheduled time, the call is changed to be shown in your personal queue. A Dialler rescheduled call is reserved to you for as long as defined in the dialler configuration, while a Scheduled call by default has a reserved time set to 4 hours.

When a scheduled call is offered and you answer it, the contact is called, and you are both connected.

  • If you're ready at the scheduled time, the call is offered to you right away
  • If you are logged on to queue but not ready, the call waits for you in the reserved time. If you do not not become ready within the reserved time, the call is offered another agent on the queue the scheduled call is linked to.
  • If you are logged off at the scheduled time or if you log off during the reserved time, this scheduled call's reservation is cancelled and it may be offered to another agent on the relevant queue.


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