Consumer facing Knowledgebase

Available from end of Q3 2022, Puzzel offers a Consumer/Public facing Knowlegebase as an addon product that allows you to select content for public access in your website.

Authoring content for public access:

An access group property is available to allow you to mark content with PUBLIC and PRIVATE. You can choose to add one or both of these access groups. By default agents always have access to all content including the ones that are marked with PUBLIC only. However the consumer facing interface for Knowledgebase will only display content that is PUBLIC.

Mark categories and sections for Public access.

You can now select any category or section in the edit view and choose the access groups (PUBLIC, PRIVATE)

Mark articles for Public access.

In the edit view of an article, you can click the Map Access buttton to choose the access groups (PUBLIC, PRIVATE).

Setting up the consumer interface in your web page:

Option 1: With Digital Engagement

The Consumer Facing knowledgbase banners shall be installed in your account by the Puzzel implementation organisation. Verify that there are banners available in your account that starts with Knowledgebase

  • Configuring styling - If needed adjust the wording and the styling if the banners using the Banner editor
  • Configuring engagement rules
    • Use the "Solutions" meny to create a Knowledge base solution
    • Use the "Opportunities" menu to define where on your website to expose the knowledge base
  • If needed open Account - Customer JavaScript to adjust default search parameters when the solutions are activated. For example under "Check out" section of your web page use default search term for "check out". Example:
  • /******************************
      Start of Knowledgebase
    var defaultKeyWord = 'Loan';
    var defaultLimit = '50';
    var recordsPerPage = 15;
    var backButton = 'Back';
    var baseURL = "";

Sample rendering of the consumer knowledgebase

Digital Engagement client with large listing of articles

Digital Engagement client with small version of knowledgebase article embedded in a proactive chat banner


Option 2: Other Puzzel Customers (without Digital Engagement)

  • Puzzel implementation team will provide default JavaScript and HTML templates that you can embedd in your webpage
  • Adapt the HTML to your needs and adjust the JavaScript to match your default search terms
  • Apply the CSS in line with your organisation's design guidelines



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