Reports (beta)

The new page "Reports (Beta)" contains today’s Reporting functionality and more, from October 4th 2023.

All your standard and custom reports are shown on page Reports and the new page Reports (Beta)

The new page will replace the old "Reports" page within a few months, so we recommend you start using the new page to get used to it.

The most important new features on "Reports (beta)" are:

  • New Chart option (as on the Dashboard page)
  • Click on column headers to sort the table content
  • Easy to add a custom report (table or chart) to a Dashboard widget (e.g. yesterday’s traffic)
  • Improved xlsx download and new csv download


Please note that the Total rows are present on page Reports (Beta), but not included in a downloaded report.


These articles give more detailed information about Reports (Beta)

  • Standard and custom reports
  • Report Categories, descriptions and storage time
  • Customise reports
  • Add report to Dashboard


In the Statistics section under Feature guide, you will find an overview over all reports, information about different reporting levels, how callback is counted and more.  


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