All results from the Survey are found in the result accordion. The list is searchable by date, agent, queue name and score. If you have defined several user groups, this is also specified (Team). Instead of having the results from a Survey shown only on screen, it is possible to download the results directly to an XLSX file.

The score is added to the Score column. For replies where the caller has written something else or something in addition to a score, this is added to the column Comment. If a follow-up message is sent and the caller replies to this message, this will appear in the column Follow-up answer.

Anonymization and storage time

  • Each night Puzzel anonymizes the phone number for records that are more than 4 months old. 
  • The default storage time for a Survey record is 25 months.


The (aggregated) SMS Survey results are also available in Wallboard (Avg, Survey score per queue so far today), Ticker (Avg. score per queue/user group and agent so far), Archive (score and comment per caller), Statistics (SMS/Chat Survey score per queue) and in Raw data.


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