Create or Delete a Dashboard

Each Dashboard is a collection of one or more Charts, Tables and Labels, which visualise some underlying data.
Each Table, Chart or Label is also called a Widget and Widgets are what the Dashboards are made of. 
One can create new dashboards easily, as well as delete existing ones. 

Creating a Dashboard

Creating a dashboard is easily achieved by clicking on the "+" sign in the top right-hand section of the header of the dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below:

Next, you need to choose the "Add dashboard" option from the submenu, as shown below:

This will bring up a popup where one can enter the desired Name for the Dashboard being added:

Once the new name has been entered, simply click on the "Add" button within the prompt and this will add a new Layout to the already defined Dashboards. 
A sample setup, of four defined Dashboards looks like this:

 One can switch to each Dashboard, by simply clicking on the tab of interest, which will show all widgets available in the Dashboard. 

Deleting Dashboards

Deleting a Dashboard is very straightforward. Once a dashboard is selected, from the list of available Dashboards, click on the delete icon on the top right:

This will trigger a Confirmation dialogue, where one needs to confirm the deletion:

Once one clicks on the "Delete" button, the Dashboard and all its content will be deleted. 


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