Sorting Tables

The sorting capabilities in the Dashboard allow users to sort data in any data table. This is handy when you want to take a look at the data in a sorted ordering - either ascending, or descending. 
There are two modes of sorting exposed in the data tables in the Dashboard - manual and declarative. 

Manual Sorting

You can easily sort any column in a Dashboard table, by simply clicking its header. This will automatically reorder the data in the following orders:

  1. Ascending - data is sorted in ascending order the first time one clicks on a column
  2. Descending - data is sorted in descending order once you click on an already sorted column
  3. None - clicking on a column for the third time removes the sorting order for this column

Additionally, there is a visual indicator on each sorted column, which looks like this:

Declarative Sorting

This type of sorting allows you to select and apply a sorting for a table when you have just selected the data. Once you have selected data suitable for a table, you then need to set two things, optionally. These are:

  1. The name of the column to sort
  2. The sort order for this column (Ascending or Descending)

This setup looks like this:

Please, keep in mind that once a declarative sorting is set, it will be persisted on each page visit and refresh. Any other type of manual sorting on the other hand, will both remove any declarative sorting, but also be limited to the duration of the current session - once you reload the page, only declaratively set sorting expressions will be persisted.  


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