Saving Changes on Dashboards

Changes on the Dashboard(s) are not saved automatically. Dashboards are only ever saved if the "Save" button in the control menu on the top right is clicked. 
When there are no changes on the layout, the Save icon appears with a dark background as all icons in the header:

As soon as there are any changes on the layout, the Save icon is coloured Ruby, to signify that one can Save the changes:

The changes that can be saved include pretty much any operation on the dashboard, such as:

  1. Resize
  2. Reorder
  3. Adding or deleting a Widget
  4. Editing a Widget - for example to modify the data that it visualises
  5. Changing the name of a Dashboard

In case these changes are not saved, they can be lost, when the user closes the Admin window. 

Please note, that any dashboard that is created and saved is available for the whole company. That means that if a user that has access to the Dashboard menu creates a new Dashboard, it will be visible to all other users in this company. 


18/01/2022 - 08:48

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