Saving Changes on Dashboards

If you have done and 'applied' changes on the Dashboard page, the changes are not saved automatically. Dashboards are only saved if the "Save" button in the control menu on the top right is clicked. 

When there are no changes done on the Dashboard page, the Save icon appears with a dark background as all icons in the header:

If there is at least one change done/applied that is not yet saved, the Save icon is coloured Ruby, to signify that you can and probably should Save the changes:

The changes that can be saved include lots of different operations, such as:

  1. Reordering or change in what Dashboards you see (done in the Filter dashboards modal)
  2. Adding, editing or deleting Widgets
  3. Adding or deleting a Dashboard
  4. Changing the name of a Dashboard (double click on the Dashboard name)
  5. Changing a Dashboard's visibility permission (Private/Company)

If you have done changes that are not saved and you navigate away from the Dashboard page or refresh the page, the changes are lost. 

If you update one of your Company Dashboards and save the changes, all other users that have selected to see this Company Dashboard will see the updated version after you have saved.  


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