This section of the Admin portal exposes a user interface, which allows setting or re-setting of properties, belonging to specific widgets, which have been defined in the Widget Administration section.

Its tab menu looks like this:

Each widget, defined in "Widget Administration" will be available here. Each widget will have the exact same properties, which were defined in the Widget Administration section.

A sample list of widgets may look like this:

Available widget property types

Currently, the properties that can be defined and accessed for each widget are:

  1. String this is a standard string, which can accept any string of numeric or text values
  2. Drop down this presents a dropdown element with options to choose from. Useful for situations, where one needs to present a set of mutually exclusive options
  3. Password this is a value, which presents a password field. This is masked initially, however one can enter any other value in the field and save it
  4. Boolean this is a checkbox field, which similarly to a Boolean field can be checked or unchecked
  5. Integer this is a numeric input field, which accepts numbers only

Additionally, there are two other widget properties, which are added at the time of defining the widget. These are:

  1. Widget Title which gives additional information about the widget
  2. URL this key points to the Url property for the iFrame. When the widget is loaded in the agent tab, this is where the widget will point to

Editing a widget property

To edit a widget property, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the expand collapse symbol, located to the left of a widget name. This loads all properties defined for the current widget.
  2. Locate the key, which you need to modify
  3. Enter the new value, which you want to associate with the key
  4. Click on the Save Changes button


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