A Puzzel customer can turn on (and off) SMS Survey. If SMS Survey is turned on, an SMS is sent to the caller (e.g. How satisfied are you with our service?) after the conversation with an agent has ended.

The results from SMS Survey is shown in the Puzzel Admin Portal. For each caller that received an SMS Survey, there is a row in the Result list containing the callers phone number and the received score and comment (if any). There might be 0, 1 or several rows with a specific phone number in the SMS Survey Result list.

The admin can anonymize an end-customer in the SMS Survey result list, that is, delete the callers number. This is done from the page Archive Anonymize by entering the persons phone number and select anonymize in SMS Survey.

The default storage time for SMS Survey is 25 months, but each night all rows that are older than 4 months are anonymized, that is, the caller's phone number is deleted.


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