In addition to the Archive Audit log, Puzzel contains a Change log (3 months storage time) and an Access log (3 months storage time).

Access log

  • Each time a user signs in to Puzzel (Admin, Agent, App), we store information about the sign in (time, IP address, username, browser, client type)
  • Both successful sign ins and failed sign in attempts are logged
  • The entries in the Access log are stored for 90 days

In addition, we show each user's most recent sign-in tp Puzzel in the User list in the Admin Portal, so that's easy to find users that have not signed in for a long time.  

The access log on page Users - Logs shows sign ins to the Puzzel Contact Centre using customer key, user name and password (or SSO). Sign ins using the new Puzzel ID are shown on a new Access log under Organizational settings. 

Access control - Who can see what?

Most users (the agents) do not have access to the Admin portal (they can log in but they will only have access to the Home tab).

Admin users can be put in one or more admin user groups. Each user group is given access to the relevant admin functionality (main tabs and sub-tabs), e.g. access to the Archive or not. In addition, access rights can be set on individual users.

Resource filters can be used to limit what user groups/queues (rows) each user group's users should see in different parts of the Administration Portal, including in the Archive.

A user (with access to see the Archive) can be given access to see only general information about calls/chats in the Archive (no access to recordings or chat logs), or also access to recordings/chat logs.


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