This page shows one row per ongoing call and written request, and the total number on ongoing calls.

One ongoing request is shown in the system queue it came from. Since agents can have several written requests and/or a phone call ongoing at the same time, some agents may be listed several times here.

For incoming calls, the request Duration will be equal to the agent's Status duration.

Some special cases:

  • An agent-to-agent call will not be listed here (since this is not a 'request')
  • When an agent makes a consult call, the consult call is not shown in the list
  • If an agent has transferred a call to another person, the transferred call is shown as an ongoing request, but without any agent information.

For emails, chats and social media requests, the request Duration will differ from the agent's Status duration since agents can handle multiple written requests (that don't start at the same time), and the agent's phone status may be Connected, Ready or Busy or even Paused/Logged off when having a written request open.

All ongoing requests are shown here for the user unless the user has a resource filter applied that limits what system queues or user groups the user should see.

Delete ongoing requests

A user with access to delete email/callback requests from Real-time - Queue, will also be able to delete email and social media ongoing requests from the Ongoing request page, but only if the agent connected to the request is logged off.

If an admin deletes an ongoing request, this will be stored in the Change log, and raw data for statistics will be made.

If an agent closes the agent application with an open email/social media request tab, and then signs in to the agent application less than 72/10 hours after having accepted the email/social media request, the request tab will still be there, so that the agent can (finish the work and) close the tab.

Since some agents sometimes close the agent application (and leave) with an email or social media request tab open, the system will automatically delete old requests:

  • If an email request is connected to an agent for more than 72 hours, the request will be deleted.
  • If a social media request is connected to an agent for more than 10 hours, the request will be deleted.


Ongoing chat

When agent or chatter has ended the chat, the chat will no longer be shown on page Ongoing requests. If the agent does not close the chat tab and the chatter forgets to close chat when it has ended, the chat will be shown as ongoing, but you can't delete the chat request from this page. If the agent closes the Puzzel browser without closing the chat tab, and then signs in to Puzzel within 10 hours, the chat tab will be shown, so that the agent can close it and end the chat request correctly. If the chat tab is not closed by the agent within 10 hours, the chat request will disappear from Ongoing requests, but this chat will not show up in statistics, Archive or Raw data.


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