Ticker User Groups shows statistics per user group and agent, so far today and so far this week.

The information shown so far today/this week is:

  • Total Offered: The number of requests offered to the agents per user group
  • Total Answered: The number of requests answered by the agents
  • Survey score: Avg. score so far, shown if configured*
  • Answer Rate: Total answered * 100 / Total offered
  • Avg. Speak Time: Average speak time for requests answered by agents so far
  • Avg. Wrap-up Time: Average wrap-up time for requests answered by agents so far
  • AHT: Average Handling Time so far (=avg. speak time + avg. wrap-up time)
  • Time Logged on: Total time logged on including time in Pause
  • Time in Pause: Total time in Pause

* The column Average Survey score is shown only if property Show Survey score in Ticker Agent/User group is ON. If a customer started a chat with agent 1 and this agent invites another agent into the chat (to consult and/or transfer), the Survey record will be linked to and reported on the last connected agent.


By clicking on a user group's name in Ticker User group, Ticker information per agent in the chosen user group will appear.


Clicking on one agent's name opens this agent's Ticker agent. Ticker agent shows how many requests the chosen agent has been offered and has answered per system queue, in addition to Average speak time, Wrap-up time and Time logged on and in pause, so far today/this week.

An outbound call from an agent to a contact/phone number is reported on a queue called e.g. Outbound or Callout

The row without a queue name

  • If agent1 while connected to a caller makes a consult call to and/or transfers the caller to agent2 (not through a queue), agent2 gets 1 call offered and 1 answered NOT coming from a queue, so this call will be reported on the row without a queue name.
  • If agent1 makes a call directly to agent2 (aka agent-to-agent call), this call is reported as 1 offered and 1 answered on both agents on the row without a queue name, since such a call is not a request linked to a queue.


If one agent calls to another agent, this call is counted as offered and answered on both agents, but unfortunately, such agent-to-agent calls make the reported Avg. speaktime be 0:00 this day in the Ticker. The reported (Avg) speaktime in agent statistics reports will be correct.


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