Chat Admin features not yet supported in new chat

The Chat Admin (Services -> Chat) properties below are currently not yet supported in new chat. We will continue to develop support for these as we move on, but note that some of them may never be supported in new chat.

  • Alternative Queue Key [altQueueKey] - likely to be decommissioned
  • Start chat immediately [startChatImmediately]
  • Allow customer to move/drag the chat window [draggable]
  • Enable customer to resize chat window [resizable]
  • Enable page tracking [useTracker]
  • Limit page tracker areas [trackerArea]
  • Maximum number of page tracks posted [trackerMaxTracks]
  • Seconds before chat start-button is shown on page [delayStarterSeconds]
  • Default class on link that starts chat [chatlink]
  • Theme of chat [theme]
    • Theme property
      • Secondary Color
      • Button Primary Hover
      • Button Secondary Hover
      • Button Tertiary Hover
      • Button Primary Focus
      • Button Secondary Focus
      • Button Tertiary Focus
    • Typography
      • Button Secondary Text Size
      • Button Secondary Text
    • Shapes
      • Button Primary Border Radius
      • Button Secondary Border Radius
      • Button Tertiary Border Radius
      • Message Border Radius
      • Message Option Border Radius
      • Button Height
  • Authentication - Type Name [authConnectionName]
  • Authentication - Mapping [authMapping]
  • How many milliseconds between simultaneous text messages from chat bot [botMessageTimerMs]
  • Log to console [log]
  • Notify customer on new messages [notifyChatterOnNewMessage]
  • Alternative notification text [msgNotificationText]
  • Reverse dialog direction [startTextFromBottom] - likely to be decommissioned


14/10/2020 - 10:58

Last updated

24/11/2020 - 11:39