Agent Assist Knowledgebase Management System

You can access the Knowledgebase Management system from the Admin portal under Services - Agent Assist menu option. 

 Please be aware that this is a paid service and needs to be configured for your solution before use.

The knowledgebase management system is a data storage hub, that contains articles about topics that are deemed relevant and useful for the agents while answering to the customer queries.

In the Knowledgebase Management system, you can:

  • Create/edit the articles
  • Delete the articles
  • Categorize the articles
  • Publish/unpublish the articles
  • Rate the articles 
  • Create news
  • Create announcements

Admins need to create relevant articles, group and tag them appropriately, so that it can be effectively analyzed [automatically served or manually searched] and used by the agents while on conversation with the customer or flipped through them using our Knowledgebase widget.


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