Change Log

The Change Log gives you an overview of changes made for the last 3 months. A list of the most recent changes made will appear.

You can search for changes made in a specific module, during a specific time period and/or done by a specific user.

The change log includes the most important changes. What changes that are covered in the log can be seen in the drop-down menu in the Module field:

  • Access point
  • Archive subscription (changed storage time)
  • Chat config.
  • Dashboards
  • Dialler
  • Display queue
  • System Queue (e.g. SLA change)
  • Enquiry registration
  • Filter
  • KPI alarm
  • Profile
  • Property
  • Request (e.g. request deleted from queue)
  • Service variable
  • Services
  • Sound file, Sound category and Sound file in service
  • Time module
  • User account and User group
  • User status (agent log on/off/pause done by admins)
  • Widget Tab (which tabs that are enabled/disabled in


The Change log is also available through the API (ChangeLogGet)


Access Log

The Access log is shown below the Change log for users that are given access to see it (Users - Products - Sign in to Puzzel - Show access log).

The Access log initially shows the 20 most recent sign in attempts to Puzzel (not logon to queue). You can search for sign in attempts with different search criteria like User name, Client type (e.g. Agent, Admin, PuzzelApp), Login status (OK, Rejected) and IP address.

For each sign in attempt to Puzzel with your customer number, the system stores the timestamp, username, OS, browser, the source IP address and the result (ok or failed). Sign in attempts are stored for 92 days.

The Access log is also available through the API (AccessLogGet) 

This Access log does not contain the sign ins done with the new Puzzel ID.


04/06/2020 - 16:08

Last updated

19/09/2023 - 13:26