Resource filters is part of the Access Control feature that allows you to restrict certain users or user groups access to different elements from different resources like display queues, user groups, pause reasons etc, both in the Administration Portal and in the Agent Application. To do so,

  1. Create a resource filter and define its content(Users - Resource filters)
  2. Assign the resource filter to the selected user group(s)/users (Users - Access Control)

Resource filters:

A user group (or user) can have several resource filters assigned at the same time. Different resource filters can be created based on the different limitations needed, and each resource filter should be given a descriptive name, for example based on the users' geography, department or function and/or based on the resource filter's content.

In the user list (page Users - Users) you will see a filter icon (with the resource filter name as tooltip) for the users that have a resource filter assigned, and if you enter a resource filter name in the search field, the users with this resource filter applied will be listed.

Please note that some resource filter areas influence what is shown in the agent application, but not what's shown in the Admin Portal, e.g. Pause reasons and Enquiry registration categories


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