On page Users - User Groups you can manage user groups and user group profiles. When creating users, each user is placed in one user group. For instance, one user group could consist of agents mostly taking care of the sales queue(s), while another user group consists of agents in the support department. Agents can be placed in the same user group based on, e.g. the Queues they answer (skills), Department/role, or Location.

When defining your User groups for agents, remember that the profiles agents log on with are defined on a user group level, that settings are easiest to handle on a user group level, and that user group is used in statistics reports and in Ticker.

If you want to give your administrators (supervisors) different access rights, you can do this with only one administrator user group, or you can have several user groups for administrators/ supervisors, and/or you can use resource filters.

If you do not want all your administrators in the same user group, do not put the administrator for a specific user group (e.g. Customer service) in the user group where his/her agents are. If you do so, this user group must be given the rights the administrator needs, and several admin rights must then be removed from each existing and new agent user in this user group! Instead, create a separate user group for the admin(s) for this user group, e.g. called Customer service Admins.

When you open the User Groups page, you will see a list of user groups in your solution.


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