Max number of requests in queue and max time in queue

To protect the Puzzel platform and your Puzzel solution from being spammed by false web callback orders and spam emails sent to Puzzel queues (as emails or by using web-service requestEtaskAdd), we check if the queue is full before putting a new email/web callback into queue.

The maximum number of requests allowed in Email queues and in phone queues for web callback can be configured by Puzzel, per queue. If no such Maximum value is defined for a queue, we will allow max 20.000 requests in an email queue and max 20.000 web callbacks. Please contact Puzzel support if you want to allow less than 20.000 emails or web callbacks in a queue, so that we can set correct Max values for your queues.

For incoming calls, it can be defined a Max number of calls in queue (per queue) in Call Flow Tool, and if a max value is defined for one of your queues, it must be defined what to do with callers that are routed to the Queue and are rejected/sent to the Full exit.

For Chat queues, the default Max number of requests in queue is 100. Please contact Puzzel support if you want to define another max value than the default for a Chat queue.

For media type Email (used for emails, tasks and scheduled tasks), the max allowed time in queue is 120 days. If a request stays in queue for 120days without being updated, Puzzel will delete this request.

If this happens, it is probably because you forgot these requests and no agents answer this queue anymore. As an administrator, you can delete (old) emails in queue from Queue Details (under Real-time - Queue overview) if you know these emails/etasks should or will not be sent to agents.

For the real-time channels (phone, social media, and chat), the customer will hang up if he is not allocated to an agent within a reasonable time.

Callers that ordered callback in queue are usually called later the same day, but if all agents leave for the day before all callbacks are called, the callbacks will stay in queue for a maximum of 72 hours. An admin can delete callbacks from Queue overview - Queue details if you don't want to do yesterday's callbacks the next morning.


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