Here you can see and possibly edit what queues that should be visible in the queue overview, wallboard etc. The standard solution is to define one Display queue for each system queue. Only users with the Administration property Edit Display queues ON can add/edit/delete Display queues.

In the example above there is a Display queue that consists of 3 system queues, and these 3 system queues might also have their own Display queue. A Display queue consisting of more than 1 system queue sums up the activities across the system queues.

One system queue can be included in one or more Display queues, and you can have system queues not included in any Display queue, e.g. the Callout-queue.

SLAs are defined per system queue, and in statistics and in Archive we show and group by system queue.

If you delete a Display Queue, this has effect on Queue overview, Ticker and Wallboard.


Web-access to Queue

If you offer callback from your web-page (a 'Call me' button) or you have Chat in your Puzzel solution and you only want to offer callback or chat when at least one agent is ready, or only when less than x is waiting in queue, you can open the relevant Queue for web-access if you don't use Puzzel web-services. Your company's web-site can then ask Puzzel about queue status, and then offer callback or chat only when agents are logged on or few are waiting in queue.

See also Web-access to Time Module.


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