There are several properties shown on page Users - Products that control how things should appear in the Agent application. Some important ones:

  • Allow agent to Schedule Calls: Default OFF. If set to ON, agents will be able to order Scheduled calls from the agent application and see their own rescheduled Dialler calls.
  • Allow agent to Schedule task from a request tab, default OFF. If ON, the agent can create a Scheduled task from an ongoing task or call. (If set to ON for a group, this group should also have access to the Scheduled task (calendar) tab.
    • If you want to map variables from an ongoing call into the scheduled task (autofill), this is described here
  • Enquiry Registration: Default off. Turn on if you want to use Enquiry registration. More details on Enquiry registration here.
  • Enquiry Registration - Forced: If you use Enquiry registration and you want to try to force agents to register after each call, set this property ON for relevant user groups/agents. When ON, agents can't click Ready while in status wrap-up if a registration is not done. Wrap-up timeout should be quite long when using Forced enquiry registration.
  • Enquiry Registration - Set Ready after: If you use Enquiry registration and set this property to ON, the agent will automatically be set to Ready if he/she clicks Register while in Wrap-up, and if a registration is done while on a call, there will be no wrap-up after the call.
  • Enquiry registration - Allow Comment: If you use Enquiry registration and you want agents to be able to add a free text comment, please set to ON.
  • Max time per pause type: Default OFF. If you turn it ON, you can define a max time per day for one or more of you Pause types, on page Users - Pause reasons. If an agent already has spent the max defined time in a pause type, this pause type is not possible to select in the agent application for the rest of the day. More info here.   
  • Possible to extend wrap-up with seconds: Set a value (e.g. 30 or 120) if agents should be able to extend wrap-up when needed. An extend wrap-up button with the defined number of seconds appears in the status part of the Agent application while in status wrap-up, and the agent can click on this button one or more times to increase the remaining wrap-up time.
  • Scheduled task reserved time in minutes: If the agent creates a scheduled task in the agent application, this scheduled task will get the reserved time defined here. If an admin changes the reserved agent for a scheduled task (on page Scheduled requests) or for a task/email on page Queue Details, the request will get the new agent's reserved time defined here.
    • More details about Scheduled tasks can be found here.
  • Scheduled task subjects: Default empty. If you define subjects separated by ";", the Subject input field in Add/Edit Scheduled task in the agent application's Scheduled task tab will be a list box with these subjects instead of a free text input field.
    • Format: subject1;subject2;subject3 (example First call;Follow-up call;Write offer)
    • If you would like to have different background colours for tasks with different subjects, you can add a colour per subject, like this: subject1[color1];subject2[color2];subject3[color3]
      • Valid colour codes: purple, orange, yellow, pink, blue, cyan, lime, green, brown, gray
  • Softphone - allow: Must be ON if agents should be able to use the Puzzel Softphone when logging on to queue in the Puzzel agent application. It can be turned on for the whole company or only for selected user groups. An agent that has this property on can choose to log on to queue using Softphone or enter an external phone number in the agent application.
  • Softphone - use: Agents that have selected (in their settings) to use the softphone when logging on to queue will have value ON for this property.
  • Softphone - Auto answer: This property is also shown in the Settings part of the agent application. If turned ON, inbound calls to the agent's Softphone will be answered automatically after <1 second (a short ring tone is played). Please make sure agents using auto-answer always have a headset on when logged on to queue. When an agent makes an outbound call or receive a Dialler Power/Progressive/Predictive call, the softphone will auto-answer even if Auto-answer is not set to ON.
  • Softphone - Auto-Answer - Allow agent to change: Default ON, which means agents can turn on/of auto-answer. If turned OFF, the agent can not turn on/off auto-answer in the Settings part of the agent application.
  • Show KPI alarms in Agent application: Default ON. If turned OFF, a triggered KPI alarm (yellow row) will not be shown in the Agent applications Queue overview.
  • Warning if agent clicks pause/logoff or callout when Ready (for Dialler agents): We recommend you turn on this property for Dialler agent user groups if you use Progressive/Power/Predictive mode.
  • Warning if agent clicks pause/logoff while having ongoing requests: If agents forget to close the written request tab (for a chat/email/task) in the agent application when starting a pause or logging off, turn on this property to give agents a warning.
  • Warning if agent signs out while still logged on. If agents sign out from agent application when leaving for the day but sometimes forget to log off queue first, turn on this property to give agents a warning when it happens.



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