Wallboards are used to show information per display queue and/or agent information on a big screen, so that everyone in a room can have a clear overview. The information in a wallboard is as default updated every 5th second.

We recommend a user group called Wallboard with one user per wallboard you need. Users in this user group should only have access to menu Real-time Wallboard, since the ones that know the username/password for wallboard users may not be administrators.

You can sign in with a Wallboard username and configure this users Wallboard by clicking Settings.

A user can deploy Wallboard settings on behalf of other users in the Wallboard area, if Act as another user(wallboard) is turned on. If you have such access, choose the relevant (Wallboard) user you want to configure a Wallboard for (e.g. Wallboard support), click Act as user, and then click Settings to configure this user's Wallboard.

To see the wallboard in the full screen mode, just click on the Full screen button. 

Queue Wallboard

Agent Wallboard


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