You may have one or several lists used in your Puzzel solution.

  • Basic lists (General list, Allow list, Deny list, Node list, or User list
  • Combined lists (which consist of one or more basic lists which are valuated one by one in a predefined order)

A list contains a Key and a Value column. All list look-ups share a few common details:

  1. They take a single value in (incoming Key)
  2. They match this single value with the keys specified for each row in the list
  3. They return a single true/false stating if a match was made (return value)
  4. They return a single output value if a successful match was made, always a string of variable length. Please observe that this single output value, if wanted, can be a more complex "structure", for example an XML-structure. The size of the output value is currently limited to 7000 bytes.

How to update a list's content

  • Edit the list content in the Admin Portal.
  • Use the Import Wizard to upload a new file replacing the current list content.
  • Add a new file with list content to Puzzel's FTP server to replace the list content.
  • Let Puzzel support (or a Puzzel partner) maintain the list for you.

Only Puzzel (and Puzzel partners) can add new lists and delete existing lists.

The List name is used as the reference, so if you change a List's name, you need to change it in the place(s) in the service logic that uses this list.

The Key type is Integer (digits only) or Characters.

Search vs Test list look-up for a particular Key:

  • You can enter text in the search input box to search for and see records containing the entered text in the Key or in the Value column
  • If you want to test if the list works as expected, clickTest look-up in list to open a new input window. Here you enter a Key and click Search. If a match is found in the Key column, this record's Value is returned.


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