How to use site mapping for the Puzzel Contact Centre Chat (New)

Site mapping is a feature that allows you to map your site’s URLs to specific configurations.

For example, you may want to test a different set of rules and interactions on your site’s homepage. You can do this by creating a new configuration and then mapping the homepage URL to that configuration.

On the “Site Mapping” section, the first part features the Code Snippet. This will need to be pasted on the webpages you would like the configuration to appear on.

The next section is the URL mapping section. This is where users can define the URL to which the configuration is mapped. Click the “Add mapping” button to add mapping options.

The URL Mapping table allows users to:

(1)   Set a name for each mapping

(2)   Insert the URL pattern (URL pattern is the whole URL where the configuration is being triggered)

(3)   Choose a configuration from the drop-down menu.

(4)   Click the bin icon to delete a mapping

(5)   Click the hamburger icon and drag to rearrange the selection.


The URL and configuration of two mappings can be identical. In that case, however, only the first of the two identical site mappings will be used. This is allowed to have different mappings ready to rearrange by dragging from the hamburger icon and dropping them, to change the mappings quickly and easily you would like to apply.


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